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We have a vision focused on our client's needs and on the energy horizon in Brazil and in the world. We believe that building a better world involves responsible attitudes in the generation and conscious use of energy. We work with a focus on renewable energy solutions and with socio-environmental responsibility.

  • Regulatory and institutional advice in the Electricity Sector;
  • Energy market advice for new investors (prospecting for projects and partnerships);
  • ​ Development of new renewable energy businesses such as solar, wind power;
  • Energy efficiency projects for consumers, analysis of the form of supply according to the evaluation profile (free market and distributed generation) Technical, institutional and regulatory advice for the Electricity Sector for generation projects in the development phase; 
  • Pre-feasibility studies;
  • Elaboration of basic projects;
  • Enabling projects for auction;
  • Calculation of Physical Guarantee (water: CGH, PCH, UHE);
  • Consultation and access opinion;
  • Declaration of public utility (DUP);
  • Obtaining DRI/DRS-PCH, DRO-solar/wind, ANEEL authorizing resolution, MME Ordinance, etc);
  • Obtaining REIDI; COMAR authorization;
  • Survey of project regulatory requirements.
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  We build solutions together with our customers. We understand the needs of each business, we combine the creativity and expertise of our team to provide the best structure for your company.


  • Elaboration of projects for working capital enabling to take advantage of an opportunity, purchase inventory, pay employees, support cash flow;

  • Preparation of projects for financing to acquire goods and modernize, expand or renovate its facilities;

  • Preparation of projects for financing with BNDES - National Bank for Economic and Social Development;

  • Result Optimization;

  • Reduce costs;

  • Make processes more efficient;

  • Optimize finances;

  • Plan ways to expand, improving the work of each sector;

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  We guide our clients through information that assists in making strategic decisions, with the objective of identifying and solving management problems.


Accounting advice

Preparation of the PJ Annual Income Tax Return;

Preparation of accessory obligations (DIRF, DCTF);

Document analysis, bookkeeping of accounting facts;

Reconciliation of all financial statements;

Payroll Closing: launches, conference;

Asset variation management – ​​Individuals.

Tax and Taxation

Bookkeeping of invoices;

Preparation of indirect tax collection guides (ICMS, ISS, IPI, PIS, COFINS);

Management of tax and fiscal books, and ancillary obligations;

Income tax declaration and notifications issued by the Federal Revenue - Individuals.

Labor and Social Security

Payroll closing and its implications;

Preparation of guides for payment of labor taxes;

Admissions process, terminations, vacations;

Admission and dismissal of employees.

Opening and Closing of Firms
Management of the process of opening and closing companies;

Contract amendments and dissolution of companies;

Negative certificates with public bodies.

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 We cultivate partnerships with the entire production chain, together with rural producers, cooperatives and companies, applying our market vision to bring new solutions, perspectives and possibilities, thus boosting Brazilian agribusiness through the development of customized solutions that meet their needs with technology. and security.

 JC Sollarys focuses on consultancy in the management of transactions with the countryside and guidance on rural credit instruments with financial institutions. Our company offers tools in the area of ​​credit for agricultural and livestock producers and market intelligence services for different agribusiness agents.


  • Serving small, medium and large producers, as well as companies and cooperatives;

  • Preparation of registration of rural producer;

  • Development of a project for rural credit in the areas of costing, investment, marketing, working capital;

  • Financing of agricultural industrialization, investment in production storage;

  • Planning the entire project cycle, from the opening of areas;

  • Property analysis for agribusiness opportunities;

  • Crop scheduling, planting and crop rotation, soil fertility and plant health;

  • Technical visits carried out by agronomists;

  • Monitoring of all stages and farming activities;

  • Technical recommendations;

  • Edaphoclimatic information;

  • Conducting research and experiments;

  • Preparation of production costs;

  • Equipment and work capacity assessment;

  • Guidance of soil and leaf sampling;

  • Regularization and legalization of land;



 A Financial consulting helps organize finances and make decisions. The service consists of evaluating the financial situation of the person, family or company and seeks the best solutions and strategies to achieve the objectives.

 Our clients are oriented to organize and restructure their financial lives, always in accordance with the goals and needs of each client through financial planning and assisting in the areas of business or personal finance.


Personal and/or family financial advice:

  • Income and expense planning

  • Asset and investment management

  • Retirement planning

  • Succession planning

  • Tax planning

  • Risk and insurance management

​Business financial consultancy:

  • Financial strategic planning

  • Valuation

  • Financial feasibility analysis

  • Administrative financial consultancy

  • Restructuring

  • Financial resource management


  We provide consultancy to the municipal, state and federal authorities


  • Consulting specialized in accounting applied to the public sector, with a focus on responsible fiscal management;

  • Tax consultancy with responsibility and quality of accounting information made available to society and control bodies;

  • Specialized consultancy for the implementation and alignment of Brazilian accounting standards applied to the public sector;

  • Audit of public accounts.