JC SOLLARYS has been present in the business world for more than 12 years through personalized and more specialized consulting according to the objective of our customers and has an extremely qualified team focused on constantly seeking what is new in the market. Our proposal is to make consulting services available to our clients, supported by legal and ethical grounds, always seeking to meet market expectations.


Ethics practitioner with social and environmental needs in consulting activities and activities in national and international markets, consulting services, responsibility to its clients and initiative for the development of the public and private sector (personnel).


To be recognized as a specialized consultancy that constantly seeks innovations, aiming to be at new market scenarios, to strategically evaluate our customers in the best decision-making.


  • ethical conduct

  • Customer focus

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • Commitment to results

  • Transparency in relationships

  • Business sustainability

  • Excellence in services

  • Quality and innovation


Developing Solutions and Creating Opportunities.